How to measure cabinet doors

Cabinet Doors How to measure

When replacing your existing Kitchen Cabinet doors, drawer fronts and panels measure the doors and not the cabinets.
The doors and drawer fronts will be slightly smaller than the cabinets.
This is to allow sufficient space between the doors to allow for easy adjustment and opening .

Doors are normally 4 mm narrower than the carcass and 5 mm shorter than the cabinet. Most manufactures
base cabinets are a standard height of 720mm (with out plinth and support legs)

Wall cabinets are available in several heights. Tall 900mm x width – Standard 720mm x width – Short 575mm x width.
i.e., a 720 mm high base unit would have a 715 mm high door and a 500 mm wide cabinet would have a 496 mm wide door.

Always measure the door and drawer fronts from the back.

The hinge hole Position to fit our cabinets is : 97mm Top – 97mm Bottom

Check you measurements – (500mm cabinet 720mm height )

Cabinet width 500mm – 4mm Door = 496mm
Cabinet Height 720mm – 5mm Door = 715mm

How to measure cabinet doors