Carousel for Corner Cabinets VS COR Wheel Pro Grey


Corner Cabinet Carousel Set

VS COR Wheel Pro. Shelves Lava grey, Rail Lava grey For Corner Cabinet widths 900 mmVauth-Sagel-logo

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Vauth-Sagel VS COR Wheel Pro three quarter carousel for 900 mm
kitchen corner cabinets with two Lava grey round shelves and
painted Lava grey rail.

  • Carousel for Corner Cabinet 900 mm x 815 mm
  • Side installation depth min. 490 mm.
  • EasyFit toolless assembly of shelf elements on the support arms.
  • Height-adjustable base positioning, independently of cabinet heights.
  • Can be installed in base cabinets, tall cabinets and top cabinets.
  • Carousel VS COR Wheel Pro Grey can be retrofit into an installed kitchen.
  • Load capacity max. 27.5 kg per shelf.
  • (max. 12 kg per shelf with cabinet dimensions 600×600 mm).
  • Designed with no central column to give greatest amount of storage
  • Internal cabinet height Min. 620 mm.
  • Internal cabinet depth Min. 815 mm.
  • Carousel VS COR Wheel Pro Grey is suitable for general kitchen corner storage.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 720 × 720 × 300 mm



Lava grey

For cabinet width:

900mm Corner Cabinets


Shelves: Wood


Three Quarter Circle Carousel Set


10 year Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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