Hot Water Filter Tap Blanco EVOL-S Pro Satin Gold

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Dual Spray Blanco Filtered Boiling Water Tap

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Blanco Hot Water EVOL-S Pro Mixer Tap

4-in-1 semi-pro filter mixer tap with Intuitive measuring function
and touch control for improved efficiency and reduced water consumption.

  • Blanco EVOL-S 4-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap.
  • Cold, warm and filtered cold.
  • Blanco Filtered boiling water tap.
  • Delivering exactly the amount of cold or boiling filtered.
  • Intuitive measuring function.
  • Touch control for improved efficiency.
  • Separate insulated spout for Purified drinking and boiling water.
  • Both spouts can be used simultaneously.
  • Taste neutral titanium boiler.
  • Five-stage filtration system with DigiFlow meter.
  • Dual spray Hot Water Filter Tap.
  • Semi-professional flexible spout.
  • Precise magnetic holder.
  • 2200 W 4 Litres capacity titanium boiler tank
  • High-end water filtering system by BWT
  • Stabilisation plate item No. 513383.

Additional information

Weight12.8 kg
Dimensions52 × 190 × 230 mm



Satin Gold


Stainless steel

Spout Type:

Flexible spout


Instant hot water Monobloc tap


5 year Limited Manufacturer’s Guarantee


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