Egger Laminate Worktops 38mm Cascina Pine


Laminate Worksurface 38mm Cascina Pine

Bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen with these exceptional worktops. The Cascina Pine creates a sophisticated, modern look that will elevate the entire space. Highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat – Easy to clean with just a wipe.
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Product Code H1401 ST22


White is the main feature in the Cascina Pine worksurface, allowing its natural pine elements to shine. Thanks to the striking rustic elements, designers have the opportunity to work with simple white schemes while still adding a modern and natural element to the room. This character is enhanced by the visually linear and Deepskin.

  • Egger Laminate Worktops.
  • 38mm Postformed Contemporary Worksurface.
  • Fabulous Mineral Rough Matt reproductions.
  • All Egger worktops in a 38mm thickness.
  • Cascina Pine Worktops are Durable and impact resistant.
  • Postformed to a 3mm radius for a sleek finish.
  • Matching splashbacks and upstands available.
  • Cascina Pine countertops are Lightfast and heat and stain resistant.
  • Egger 10 year guarantee when EGGERSeal and Fitting Guide is used.
  • Texture ST22 Deepskin Linear
  • Brand: Egger

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Cascina Pine


ST22 Deepskin Linear


Laminate & Eurospan Chipboard Core


Postformed Laminate Worktops


10 year Limited Manufacturer’s Guarantee – (Registration Required, T&Cs Apply)


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